Jason Collins: The Worst Poster-Boy for Gays Ever

Jason CollinsJason Collins, the first openly gay NBA player, is the newest flavor of the week for the national news media after coming out in a big way yesterday. He has stated that he has received “incredible” support since the news of his announcement went public. But homosexuals and those that support their cause might not want to be so quick to support Collins.

“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay,” is how the opening line of Collins’ Sports Illustrated essay. The choice of wording is very intentional. The reference to being black and gay is an attempt to imply that both are inborn traits.

The progressive/liberal activist news site alternet.org echoed that position in an article yesterday that aims to send a message to the religious right: “He was born gay.”

But there’s a big problem with that notion. A 6’11”, 248 pound problem named Jarron Collins, Jason identical twin brother.

Jarron is a 34-year-old former-NBA center. Jarron is black. Jarron is straight. Jarron is married. Jarron’s wife is a heterosexual female. Jarron is heterosexual.

If Lady Gaga and David Harris-Gershon at alternet.org are right and homosexuals are “born that way,” something just doesn’t add up.

Either Jarron Collins is living a lie, or homosexuality is a choice.