Quote of the [Earth] Day

The Creation Debate: The “I Don’t Know” Guy Vs. The Bible Bloke

Tuesday night’s debate between Bill Nye (the Science Guy) and Ken Ham, attracted a huge audience and a plethora of controversy. The fact that this debate even took place is nothing short of miraculous since evolutionists will rarely even entertain the possibility of debating creationists, as evidenced by evolutionary scientists like Richard Dawkins and numerous(…)

Phil Robertson’s Linking of Homosexuality and Bestiality is Unchristian

At least that’s what many so-called “Christians” want us to think. In an article on Huffington Post Religion, Kristen Howerton claims that linking homosexuality to bestiality is not representative of Christian values and states: Now, regarding the idea that Phil is being persecuted for his faith — I think it’s really important to look at(…)

Does the 10th Plague of Egypt Prove God is Evil?

It is often stated by atheists that the plagues of Egypt are evidence that the God of the Hebrew Scriptures is evil, especially the 10th plague, the death of the firstborn males. Does this surface observation about this Old Testament story prove that God is a moral monster, or is there another meaning behind this(…)

Breakfast with Ravi Zacharias Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I will be attending the Iowa Prayer Breakfast where apologist Ravi Zacharias will be the keynote speaker. I am greatly looking forward to hearing him in person. I plan to take notes and blog about the experience. Check back tomorrow!