Roe Has No Clothes: Exposing The Lies of Roe v Wade

Today marks yet another anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision known as “Roe v. Wade” and its companion case “Doe v. Bolton.” These two cases would overturn laws in the majority of the States in the U.S. and reverse decades of legal protection for unborn human beings. The following is an article that I(…)

Did God Create Hell?

During a recent conversation I had with an atheist, I ask him why he could not believe in what he referred to as the “deity…presented by mainstream Christianity.” His short answer was that he could not believe in “a god that both loves and creates hell.” It is an interesting paradox, and one that not(…)

A Rhetorical Question About The Trinity

A Rhetorical Question About The Trinity

If three persons who distinctively exist are co-eternal, then why is one called the Father, and the other the Son? Just asking…

Do You Really Believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ? Part 2: Providing Evidence for the Virgin Birth

I am a firm believer that everything in the Christian faith can be proven in one way or another. I once posited this thought to a friend who immediately challenged me by asking if I could prove the virgin birth of Jesus. At first, I thought that this might actually be the only thing in(…)

Phil Robertson’s Linking of Homosexuality and Bestiality is Unchristian

At least that’s what many so-called “Christians” want us to think. In an article on Huffington Post Religion, Kristen Howerton claims that linking homosexuality to bestiality is not representative of Christian values and states: Now, regarding the idea that Phil is being persecuted for his faith — I think it’s really important to look at(…)